The process of incorporating sustainability in an organization: corresponding pitfalls and possible solutions

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Organizations face nowadays problems in the processes to become sustainable. Therefore, this research elucidates on possible barriers and fitting solutions in the process of incorporating sustainability in an organization. Firstly, this research introduces the pitfalls of implementing sustainability in an organization, Hence, an open perspective to change management and the involvement of top-level management are necessary to overcome such issues. Moreover, organizations face barriers to enable sustainability within the supply chain. To overcome this, carefully chosen, enduring and close relationships with suppliers are required. Subsequently, this research focuses on the embedding of sustainability. Accordingly, continuous improvement is introduced as support to overcome corresponding barriers and help to incorporate sustainability. Thereafter, an assessment of a continuous improvement management tool, the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, shows that risk and management are underexposed, but possible valuable factors. This research explains how these factors could improve the ability of this framework. Lastly, a case study indicates that carefulness in integrating continuous improvement is pivotal to ensure its support. Thereby, this research contributes in the field of sustainability incorporation. However, future research should extend the scope of the case study and the number of enabling mechanisms and management tools to increase the contribution to the research stream.
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