Unraveling the Impact: Customer Confusion and the Shopping Bot Experience A Wizard-of-Oz Experiment Using Eye Tracking

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This thesis examines the role of customer experience (CX) in the relationship between customer confusion on satisfaction and loyalty, in a self-service technology setting. Currently, an increase in the use of chatbots by companies causes customer confusion to happen more often during shopping experiences. Consequently, confusing chatbot conversations cause dissatisfaction and disloyalty towards the company. Therefore, this thesis demonstrated that the negative outcomes caused by confusion can be partially explained by a customer’s experience, by conducting a lab experiment. During the experiment, the participant went through a shopping experience with a chatbot. Customer confusion and time pressure were manipulated to create four conditions. The findings show a strong mediating relationship of thoughts on the relationship between customer confusion and satisfaction and loyalty. No relation was found for the eye sensations of the customer. Furthermore, the results revealed that the age of the customer has a significant effect on their thoughts, making older people more prone to evaluate the service more negatively. This research contributes to the body of knowledge by showing the mediating effect of thoughts on the already established relationship between customer confusion and satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, it provides evidence that firms should take into account their customer’s experience when implementing a chatbot since confusion can do damage to a firm financially.
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