Help, airbnb is taking over the city! A study on the impacts of Airbnb on cities and regulatory approaches

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In our current postmodern time, tourism has undergone several changes. Tourists are now looking for the off-the beaten track experience. Home sharing platform Airbnb adapted well to this development by allowing tourists to stay in the homes of locals. This however has been accompanied with several impacts on the city such as positive economic benefits as well as negative effects related to gentrification processes. Residents in several cities in Europe and the United States have urged local governments to come up with regulations but very little is known about how cities are dealing with companies like Airbnb. This research thus focusses on the regulatory processes surrounding Airbnb by comparing short-term rental policies of eleven different cities. What came forward is that the struggle of cities is similar and mainly revolves around the interests of residents and tourists. The influence of Airbnb however does not only depend on the actual impact but also on the perceived impact of residents as well as existing issues the city is facing. Furthermore, problems exist mainly with commercial style short-term rentals, which shows that tourists might not be that much into the local and authentic experience after all.
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