Promoting sustainable development in urban development project from the environmental groups’ perspective : The case of Taipei Dome

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It is well accepted that sustainable development is pursuing balance between economic, environmental and social considerations. However, implementation of the concept may be different based on different interpretations. This thesis aims at generating insights into promoting sustainable development from environmental groups’ perspective at project level. Public participation is important to sustainable development, especially at local project level because the interests between stakeholders become more concrete. This thesis argues that the environmental groups do play an important role in making development projects towards sustainability by encouraging public participation and other actions to influence decision-makers. A public sporting infrastructure project, Taipei Dome, was chosen as a single case study for empirical research. The environmental groups’ actions, the results of the project were analyzed in two aspects: substantial and procedural outcomes. It shows that environmental groups face different challenges during the process, especially in terms of public mobilization and gaining political power in Taiwan. This thesis suggests that further efforts should be put on environmental education and political network building to improve existing review systems in Taiwan. Moreover, to reflect on theories, not only the form of public participation should be emphasized on, but also the timing of public participation.
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