Proxy warfare. The changes in United States policy

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Proxy warfare has been an important factor in international relations since the Cold War. This thesis builds on that while researching the United States policy regarding proxy warfare. This will be done with two case studies: the Soviet- Afghan War and the Syrian Civil War. Through these two case studies a comparison and a contradistinction will be made in which the policy of the United States and its changes since the end of the Cold War will be looked at. The research question will thus be: What are the differences and comparisons between the Soviet Afghan War and the Syrian Civil War regarding US foreign policy? The first chapter is about the definition of proxy warfare and how it has changed over the years. It states that the definition of proxy warfare has changed significantly over the years with several key factors added to the definition. Chapter two is about the Soviet- Afghan War with the case study explained and analyzed. This is also the case with chapter three which is about the Syrian Civil War. Chapter four is the analysis of the two case studies in which the United States policy regarding proxy warfare is looked at. Keywords: Proxy warfare, proxy war, Afghanistan, Syria, United States, policy, Cold War, Soviet- Afghan War, Syrian Civil War.
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