Finding the circular X-factor: A qualitative comparative analysis of location-specific factors influencing the circular ability of business parks in Gelderland

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As the circular economy is becoming more and more one of the hot topics of modern day climate mitigation strategies, this master thesis dives into the concept of the circular economy. Although the concept of the circular economy already exists for a fair amount of years, shifting from the linear economy to a circular has turned out to be a rather revolutionary challenge. Therefore this thesis seeks to create in depth knowledge and practical guidelines for adopting this circular economy, on the scale of business parks. Investigated is if and how certain location-specific factors influence the degree of circularity on business parks. A special distinction is made between physical and organisational factors, as physical factors are mostly factors business parks have in hands themselves compared to organisational factors which are often fixed. Both segments consist of a set with conditions, with each several tangible indicators whose presence is tested upon 36 business parks in the Clean Tech Region in Gelderland. The outcomes of the research are configurations (or sets) of conditions which presence can have a positive effect on the circular economy on business parks, vice versa happens for conditions that counteract business parks from becoming circular. Eventually, conclusions are drawn from this and the recommendations try to provide practical guidelines for the Province of Gelderland.
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