Knowledge processes in a virtual team during the Covid-19 pandemic: A practice-oriented qualitative diagnostic study on the relevance of socio-technical conditions.

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This master thesis research investigates the influence of socio-technical conditions on the quality of knowledge sharing processes within a virtual WMS project team. In the first weeks of the collaboration, the WMS project team was able to meet physically. However, due to stricter Covid-19 measures, the physical meetings shifted to online meetings. The management expressed concerns as they argue that as a result of the shifting environment, the quality of collaborations appeared to be deteriorating. In this context, it has been decided to perform a diagnostic gap analysis, in which semi-structured interviews were conducted. The gap analysis compares the actual situation with the desired situation, revealing shortcomings and recommendations for improvement. The most striking result is the large gap for the dimension: psychological safety. Both topics, a shared belief for interpersonal risk-taking within the team and mutual respect between members, score a very low quality and therefore a large gap with the desired situation. For the management, three recommendations were made to increase the quality of knowledge sharing processes: change the composition of the participants in the meetings, create a clear structure for discussing topics in online meetings and make a joint ‘blue print’ of the entire project.
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