A different market approach to affordable housing The Housing Choice Voucher Program approach to affordable housing of the United States of America

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The Netherlands have a long tradition in public, or as it is called in the Dutch, ‘social’ housing. Since the 18th century, cooperative housing corporations have existed that provided affordable and suitable housing for households. During the last century, these housing corporations became one of the biggest suppliers of affordable housing in the Netherlands and hold a large proportion of the national housing stock. Although a large percentage of all housing is ‘social’ and therefore affordable for low and modest income households, it is not uncommon for households to wait several years to get an affordable house. The two most important reasons for that is the problem of ‘skewed housing’ and the new rules imposed by the European government that causes immobility on the housing market. The United States of America have a different approach to affordable housing, namely the Housing Choice Voucher Program, a more demand side approach of affordable housing. This approach will be analyzed in this research. The goal of this research is: To explore a different kind of approach to affordable housing, namely the Housing Choice Voucher Program in the United States of America, and its effects on the availability, affordability and accessibility of housing for low-income households to see if such an approach could solve the problems of the Dutch approach to affordable housing.
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