Living in Displacement. De/Construction of Social Capital among Undocumented Refugees in the City of Nijmegen

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Over the years, creating insights in the lives of undocumented refugees is something that gained salience in both scientific research, as contemporary politics. Living an undocumented life might suggest an immobile and uncertain life, since this group is unable to find legal work, housing, or get an insurance. Moreover, access to healthcare is limited. Nonetheless – as this masters’ thesis tries to argue – providing insights into the social capital of undocumented refugees demonstrates how many of these refugees are still able to find their way in society. Being in contact with organizations brings daily routines and chances for social connectivity. The social capital of undocumented refugees is highly dynamic; being easily constructed, but also deconstructed. Social capital helps to receive the required social, juridical, medical, and financial support. However, the positions of undocumented refugees are still unstable in society, which makes their social capital very fragile; the slightest changes in one’s life might deconstruct the whole network. This research focusses on these different notions of social capital by approaching the concept as something which is not cumulative, but rather as something dynamic.
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