Gebiedsontwikkeling en co-creatie: een gedurfde combinatie? Een onderzoek naar het functioneren van co-creatie binnen de praktijk van een gebiedsontwikkeling

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We live in a highly dynamic and complex society. A meaningful corporation between the state, market and civil society is required for answering the issues of today, and therefore a search is going on for the right balance between the three domains. This leads to a government who is focuses more on cooperation with citizens. In this context the instrument of co-creation is increasingly popular and promising. This research investigates the function of co-creation on the planning practice of an area development. This has been conducted from both the theoretical as the actor perspective and focuses on area development “Kloppend Hart van Het Groene Woud”. The results show that the function of co-creation in an area development depends on the process phases. It also shows that the actors have a different interpretation on the expressions of the theoretical aspects of co-creation. In conclusion, it can been stated that co-creation can certainly function within the frameworks of an area development. However, it turns out not a natural and simple combination. The combination leads to new and sometimes complicated situations. As long as the willingness is present at the participants, co-creation will in many cases lead to the achievement of the area specific development goals. Considering area development and co-creation as a daring combination is therefore justified.
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