UNDERSTANDING INNOVATIVE BEHAVIOR OF EMPLOYEES: THE ROLE OF NETWORK CORENESS AND POLITICAL SKILL. A quantitative study of the role of network coreness and political skill, separately and in conjunction, in influencing innovative employee behaviour.

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This research answers the following research question: How do political skill and social network coreness in conjunction and separately influence the innovative behaviour of employees? This research aims to a broader understanding of the influence of political skill and network coreness on idea generation and idea implementation. Therefore, giving theoretical implications and practical implications that help organizations survive in the increasingly competitive world. To answer the research, question a survey is conducted in a holding company consisting of four companies. Both the holding is studied as the companies separately to see if the same results would hold for every company. The results of the study show that there seems to be a positive effect between network coreness and idea implementation. However, this only holds for 2 of the 5 companies. Secondly, the results showed that political skills had a positive effect on idea generation and idea implementation in three of the 5 companies. No significant effect was found of a moderating effect of political skill on the relationship between network coreness and idea generation or implementation. Future research is needed to determine if longitudinal research and a bigger sample would lead to the same results.
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