Influence of quondam commitment on the decision of Afghan refugees to settle in the Netherlands The loss of attachment to Afghanistan and the influence this has on the refugees' decision to settle in the Netherlands.

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In order to broaden knowledge in the area of return migration and quondam commitment, this research explores both concepts together. The study aims to find out what influence quondam commitment may have on the decision of Afghan refugees to settle their future in the Netherlands. Quondam commitment is the psychological loss that individuals experience towards goals they no longer have. The study is based on a qualitative approach with an inductive purpose as it is the first study to relate the two concepts. The data collection is done through semi-structured interviews, and the analysis and presentation of the results are shown in a narrative style. The research cases included twenty-nine Afghan refugees who migrated to the Netherlands between the 1980s and 2000s whose age range varied. They experience a quondam commitment in the form of detachment from the homeland caused by the forced flight from Afghanistan. The results show how the loss of connection to their country of origin strongly influences the decision to settle their future in the Netherlands. Following the results, a discovery provides an opportunity for further research regarding the liminality concept and the refugee's identity feeling.
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