The effect of Standard English and Scottish English in radio commercials for congruent and non-congruent products on young English consumers' response.

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Research has been done into the effects of language in advertising. In particular, the use of foreign accents and languages has been investigated, and it was found that the choice of accent and/or language has an effect on consumers. Very little is known, however, about the effect of native accents in radio commercials. This thesis aimed to investigate the effect of native English accents in radio commercials of products that are congruent with Scotland and England on young English consumers’ attitudes and purchase intention. Participants listened to and evaluated one of four commercials of two different products, Yorkshire pudding and haggis, in two different accents, Standard English and Scottish English. The results showed that there was little to no effect of accents in radio commercials for (non-) congruent products. A possible explanation for the lack of effect in radio commercials for congruent products could b! e that th e congruence between the accent and product was not strong enough.
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