Co-financing public transport; A study into the financial contribution of housing to public transport investments through private-public partnerships in inner-city redeveloped areas in the Netherlands

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The way people go from A to B has to be more sustainable in the future. At the same time, there is an urbanisation trend which increases the housing demand in the already densely populated cities. These two developments lead to a need to combine existing housing, mobility, and the growth of citizens in a sustainable way. To achieve these goals there are high financial costs involved. This research studied to what extent housing can finance public transport investments in inner-city redeveloped areas through public-private partnerships in the Netherlands. The studied cases include the Binckhorst (The Hague), Haven-Stad (Amsterdam) and Merwedekanaalzone (Utrecht). The results of the interviews showed that the applicability of alternative instruments for financing public transport is in the early stages. To implement these instruments there is a form of partnership needed between different stakeholders or a change in legislation. At the moment, it is challenging to engage in a partnership for public transport. However, there are possibilities for PPPs in light forms in the Netherlands. In which public and private stakeholders are jointly responsible for the development of the central structure and public space.
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