A systematic review: Enhancing the understanding of the value of socio-technical systems design by identifying which academic evidence is available regarding how adherence to socio-technical systems design principles affect quality of work

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This thesis aims to gain more insight into understanding the value of socio-technical systems design as a theory for organisational design. The theory was developed and seen as a theory that would revolutionise the way we live and work. The theory never became a popular management theory, and the theory has been in the background for a while. However, due to the rapid advance of technology, the comparatively slow advance of ideas about how to organise, and the importance of employment and innovation, there was and is a possibility of a resurgence of the socio-technical paradigm. This research attempts to contribute to the return of this paradigm by focusing on the quality of work. This systematic literature review consisted of the analysis of fourteen academic articles. There is found academic evidence of socio-technical systems design principles, mainly in the sense of self-regulation and parameters 1 (the degree of functional concentration), 2 (the degree of differentiation of operational activities), 3 (the degree of specialisation of operational activities) and 7 (the relation between operational and regulatory activities, and hence the relation between the production and control structure – the degree of separation) that have a connection with health and wellbeing and competence development.
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