Never waste a good crisis

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This MA thesis studies the waste governance during the aftermath of the hurricane season of 2017 to explore the practice of sovereignty and responsibility within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The study focusses on two Dutch Caribbean islands that are known for a different constitutional relationship with the European Netherlands. The findings of the study show how financial resources available on the islands influence the practice of sovereignty and responsibility. However, there is more at play than the lack of available resources which cannot be seen apart from political and power struggles between the Dutch government and the island governments. Due to compliance with good governance and financial accountability, Saba is negotiating more autonomy for itself during the aftermath of the hurricane season of 2017. St. Maarten, although being autonomous, is more restrained by the Dutch government during the aftermath of 2017 because of a suspicious relation between the two governments involved. The practice of responsibility needs an epistemic shift where all the governments involved need to push for a sustainable long-term vision to implement a proper waste management for the Dutch Caribbean islands that are most vulnerable to impacts of climate change.
Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen