Crossing the EU's frontline borders. The case study of Syrian Asylum Seekers

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In an attempt to promote anti-immigration attitudes and policies, extreme right-wing groups and the EU leaders as such frequently vilify refugees and prevent them from securing asylum in the EU, under the prevalence of us versus them rhetoric. This thesis is an exploration of the extent to which migrants can defy practices and barriers that may seem impossible to get crossed with human bodies. It is also an effort to clarify that asylum-seekers' quest for safety is stronger than any obstacles and barriers. To prove this claim, this thesis has traced the paths taken by a group of Syrian asylum-seekers, ‘group 45’, starting from Turkey through the European Union states and eventually to Germany and the Netherlands. In addition to monitoring the Facebook group “Adventurers without Borders,” which helped the focus group during their asylum journey and cross borders without smugglers accurately on the route between Greece and Hungary. My finding challenges the notion that immigrants are always subject to the exploitation of smugglers; immigrants struggle against the ‘subjection’ of the power of EU border states. This thesis furthermore highlights the discrepancy between EU member states regarding the current EU asylum system, which shows that EU member states deal with the issue of asylum separately in line with their domestic immigration policies.
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