Just send me a payment request: what factors determine the behavioural intention to use P2P payment applications?

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A cashless society, in which cash payments would become obsolete and the only form of payment would be cashless, through smart phones or debit/credit cards. A transition towards such a society is dependent on the adoption of several payment innovations, such as P2P payment applications. This thesis therefore explores the factors relating to the behavioral intention and eventually the actual use of these applications as perceived by Dutch people, a survey was conducted consisting of 307 participants. The results of this survey were analyzed using linear regression. The results show that the perceived usefulness and perceived trust have a positive effect on the behavioral intention to use P2P payment applications and that resistance to change has a negative effect on the behavioral intention to use P2P payment applications. The perceived trust is positively affected by the perceived security and the perceived privacy. Age moderated the effects of the resistance to change and the perceived ease of use on the behavioral intention. Gender moderated the effect of the perceived usefulness on the behavioral intention. This thesis provided insights into the factors that contribute to the behavioral intention and actual use of P2P payment applications which could benefit providers of such applications as well as society as a whole.
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