The name change of North Macedonia

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North Macedonia: a country in the heart of the Balkan area with a huge history. Names of Alexander the Great and Philip II come to mind when people speak about Macedonia and the Macedonian history. The area that is now North Macedonia has a history of many occupiers and rulers, but since the early 1990s it is an independent state. In 1991 North Macedonia declared itself independent from Yugoslavia under the name Macedonia, a name that Greece was not content with, as the northern part of Greece is called Macedonia as well. As the years went by and the newly formed state Macedonia wanted to join several organizations such as NATO and the EU, Macedonia faced difficulties as Greece did not agree with the allowance of Macedonia into these organizations. After years of dispute between Macedonia and Greece, Macedonia changed its name in 2018 to North Macedonia in order to become member of organizations of cooperating countries. This thesis tries to find out what caused the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece, how inhabitants of North Macedonia look towards the name change and how their attachment to the country might have changed since the name change.
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