Underlying motives of doctors to co-create in the pharmaceutical industry

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Underlying motives of doctors to co-create in the pharmaceutical industry Purpose – While the relationship and co-creation activities with doctors are extremely crucial not only to pharmaceutical firms but also to doctors and patients, there is still no study that specifically investigates the motives of doctors to co-create value. This master thesis shifts the emphasis from co-creation between consumers and firms to co-creation between doctors and pharmaceutical firms. The purpose of this study is to investigate the underlying motives of doctors to co-create with pharmaceutical firms. Design/methodology/approach – 7 qualitative interviews and a survey of 105 doctors were conducted. The study, then, used PLS to analyze the model. Findings – The results show that Relating, Ethical and Developmental motives have significant positive effects on Willingness to co-create (W2C). Besides, Experience as a control variable, negatively influences on W2C. In turn, W2C is a strong determinant of intended co-creation behaviors. Research limitations/implications – This study sheds light on what are the motives that triggers doctors co-create in a conference, therefore, leads to managerial implications for managers in pharmaceutical industry to best facilitate and enhance value co-creation. Originality/value – This is the first paper to investigate motives of doctors to co-create in pharmaceutical industry Keywords: Motivation, Value, Co-creation, Motives of doctors, Pharmaceutical industry
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