The possibility for immigrants to participate in the Swedish welfare state

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Integration is a much-­‐discussed subject, which is related to the concepts of multiculturalism and segregation. In this thesis the validity of those concepts will be examined by interviewing three generations of non-­‐European immigrants about their experiences to participate in Swedish society. The Swedish welfare state can be described as rather young country of immigration, with a very tolerant immigration policy. It aspires to be a country of multiculturalism, which highly values the ideal of equality for all. Those aspects make Sweden an interesting case to study possibilities and processes of integration. This research aims to expose an in-­‐dept insight in the perception of immigrants on their possibilities to participate in Swedish society. It shows that immigrants are in a disadvantaged position. Immigrants of all three generations assume they will never become a full member of Swedish society. In line with this, the feasibility of the concepts integration and multiculturalism can be questioned. Some of the immigrants refer to the indistinctness of what the integration policy in Sweden actually contains. This contributes to a growing misunderstanding between the Swedish majority population and the immigrants. Contrasting, Sweden still seems to value its image of a welcoming country, maintaining the tolerant immigration policy.
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