Asian values and their role in shaping democratic views in Hong Kong: a quantitative study in Hong Kong for the period 2019 till 2021

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The rise of authoritarian regimes in Asia has coincided with a revival of the Asian values discourse. This concept suggests that there are differences in worldviews, opinions, and values between people in Asia and those in the West. It is often used by politicians to argue that people in Asia are less suited to democracy than those in the West. Political regimes are increasingly using their cultural distinctiveness to consolidate their own power and justify their actions. Yet, the concept of Asian values is not fully understood and there is much disagreement among scholars. This study aims to gain a better understanding of the concept of Asian values by examining this phenomenon in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a region that often described as a bridge between the Eastern and Western world, incorporating cultural elements from both worlds. Moreover, Hong Kong is currently experiencing democratic backsliding, which may indicate a shift in values. The research was conducted quantitatively using the data from the Asian Barometer Surveys 5th Wave to research how Asian values influence democratic opinions in Hong Kong for the period 2019 till 2021. A multiple regression analysis was conducted to answer this phenomenon. The findings indicate that Asian values do matter in Hong Kong regarding people's perceptions of democracy. However, this is mostly true for the political aspects of Asian values and not as much for the societal aspects. Furthermore, it seems that younger and more educated individuals hold more positive views towards democracy. However, this research does not provide an explanation for the reasons behind these views. Future research could investigate the origins and formation of these opinions.
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