The Becoming of Major in Ghost in the Shell (2017), The Effect of the Agency of the Actants Upon the Identity-Construction Within the Nomadic Subject.

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The hypothesis in this thesis is that Major is a nomadic subject, an assemblage of multiplicities, subjected by relational technology and the agency of the actants that perceive it. Each actant projects its own valued-identity upon the cybernetic body of Major. Thereby, subjecting her to the actants own perceived valued-identity informed by its sender. Through this subjection the actant is relational to the becoming of the nomadic subject that is Major. Either suppressing Major’s becoming by being her opponent or supporting it by being her helper. Either way it results in the actant becoming part of the nomadic subject by relationality. Therefore, Major as a nomadic subject does not only entail her human brain. With her relational technology as a cyborg, it also incorporates the agency of the actants in her environment. To determine what relational technology is and in what manner it is subjected, I will make use of posthuman theory. In this thesis I will mainly focus on the extensive works of professor Braidotti, the leading scholar in critical posthuman theory. To analyze the identity-construction of Major, I will make use of the actantial model of Algirdas Greimas.
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