Exploring the impact of digitalization on the financial sector in developed and emerging economies: A comparative study of the EU and Russian organizations.

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This study examines the adoption of digital technologies and its influencing factors in financial organizations. Data from nine interviews with representatives from six organizations in France, the Netherlands, and Russia was gathered using qualitative methods. The results provide insight into the digitization process, and the organizational and environmental influences. From the analysis, it is evident that engagement in strategies within an organization to legitimize and gain acceptance for the adoption of digital technologies, such as experimenting, framing, showcasing, and legitimating, plays an important role in fostering the adoption. During the research enabling elements like relational resources, internal and external relations, leadership support, working style, and regulatory pressures, as well as impeding dimensions, including organizational structure, culture, and employee resistance to change were identified. While the practical implications provide guidance for organizations embarking on digital transformation journeys, the theoretical implications enrich the existing literature and stress the requirement for a thorough grasp of the adoption process, highlighting the role of different dimensions.
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