The effect of the Nutri-Score on healthy food purchase intention The influence of the Nutri-Score on purchase intention for snacks and the moderating role of financial scarcity

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This research aimed to find out if the presence of the Nutri-Score label on snacks would influence the average purchase intention for food products. It studied whether the presence of the Nutri-Score would increase the purchase intentions of healthy snacks and whether it would decrease the purchase intentions of unhealthy snacks. This study also looked at whether the experience of financial scarcity had any influence on the effect of the Nutri-Score. Little research has been conducted on this topic in the Netherlands. Further, the potential influence of financial scarcity is not yet investigated. An online survey experiment (mixed between-within subjects design) was conducted among 405 respondents. Respondents were shown four different snacks from the supermarket and were asked about their purchase intentions. Mixed ANOVA’s were conducted to analyze the data. The results showed that the Nutri-Score had an effect if the participants had seen the Nutri-Score label on the package. However, only significant values were found for the rice cracker snack. Furthermore, no evidence was found to support the moderating role of financial scarcity. However, more research is needed to investigate the potential moderating role of financial scarcity since the average level of financial scarcity was low within this study.
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