Cohousing as a strategy for more accessibility on the housing market for starters in the urban area of the municipality of Utrecht

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The housing market in Utrecht is currently inaccessible for starters. There is a shortage of between approximately 500 and 1,500 homes in Utrecht per year. This shortage is exacerbated by the municipality of Utrecht’s focus on urban area development, the privatisation of the social rental housing segment, starters that are being forced into the private rental housing and the reduced production of newly built homes. Therefore, increasing numbers of starters can no longer move into an appropriate house. Starters themselves are searching for alternative forms of housing due to the inaccessible housing market. It is, therefore, urgent to rethink and devise creative housing solutions. The innovative living concept of cohousing can absorb these changes and is in line with the adjusted preferences of starters. This research aims to explore the concept of cohousing and its associated housing types for both the rental and buyers’ markets, specifically in the urban area of the municipality of Utrecht. To this end, the various possibilities and barriers involved in the implementation of cohousing in these markets are investigated to determine how this concept can contribute to creating greater accessibility on the housing market for starters.
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