“Come and See for Yourself”: International Tourist propaganda of Nazi Germany and its continuity with the past

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The major objective of this master thesis is to find out whether international tourism promotion changed under the Nazi regime. No scholars have yet attempted to look at the tourism promotion of Nazi Germany in greater detail since most works only contain a brief discussion of first impressions. The results of this thesis will teach scholars more about the influence that the Nazi regime had on the tourism industry. By analysing newspaper advertisements and magazines that were produced by the Nazis for distribution abroad, this study investigates the international tourism promotion of the country from 1934 to 1939. The themes of the source materials are analysed and the results are compared with the findings from an earlier study. A discourse analysis is used to study the image that was conveyed of the country. A discourse analysis is also used to find evidence for an anti-capitalist and anti-elitist fascist discourse in the source materials. The author will also look for National Socialist images, figures, and references. Finally, references to current politics will be searched for in the source materials. It was concluded that the international tourism promotion had changed in some regards under the Nazi regime. Some pictures of prominent Nazi figures, some symbols and references to National Socialism, and some references to current politics were discovered in the foreign tourism promotion of the Nazi era. The promotion, however, continued to convey an image of the country that was attractive, nonaggressive, and nonpolitical. The materials dispelled the doubts that some tourists might have had about their safety in the country. The foreign tourism promotion of the Weimar era did the same. The materials thus did not seem to have changed much during the Nazi era.
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