Sehat Yoghyakarta! Acces to Health Care for people with different ethnical derivations in the urban Tugu area

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In and around the urban Tugu area of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, are several health care facilities and an ethnical diversity in people. The aim of this study is to acquire an in-depth understanding of how inhabitants with different ethnical backgrounds have access to health care. The role of ethnicity is discussed and light is shed on personal characteristics. Access can be understood by focusing on the following concepts: availability, accessibility, affordability, acceptability, adequacy. For this reason, a case study is done. Data was collected using (semi-)open interviews with twenty respondents of four ethnicities. Interviews with informants and experts, observations, and literature were important additional sources. The inhabitants follow different trajectories in health care, based on their capital assets and personal characteristics. Most recurring aspect is the financial capital asset. Multi-cultural Yogyakarta seems used to differences in ethnical backgrounds. People have ties with their ethnicity and often maintain habits and traditions from it. These emphasized different, as also stereotyping is an issue. The silent role of ethnicity can limited access, so it is recommended to take this issue into account. More research is needed to unravel this subject. Any follow-up study can deepen the role of ethnicity in access to health care.
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