The pathway to change - Investigating vertical upscaling of subirrigation in de Peel

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This thesis investigates vertical upscaling of subirrigation in de Peel, a rural area in the south-east of the Netherlands. The area is challenged by tensions between interests of agricultural businesses and natural values. Actors hope to find solutions looking into various innovations, one of which is subirrigation. As a pilot is ongoing with this innovation in de Peel, it is interesting to find out what impact it makes on the status quo and what pathway it takes towards a transition. This thesis aims to gain insights into the role of governmental actors in upscaling of subirrigation and investigate what motivates (or does not motivate) these actors to partake in vertical upscaling. Within this thesis, the role of the regional water authorities is especially explored. The thesis finds the answer to the main question: How can transition pathways be understood and what factors contributed to the pathways with regards to subirrigation in De Peel? by answering four sub questions that together aim to uncover the entirety of vertical upscaling of subirrigation in de Peel. It does so by using a framework built on the Multi-level perspective in combination with transition pathways, which are uncovered through the method of Process Tracing.
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