The flight towards the future. Diagnosing and redesigning the department aviation systems

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Within the department aviation systems there are doubts whether the organization in its current form is able to perform according to the highest performance levels. Especially the flexibility of the department is seen as problematic by members of the organization. To diagnose the organization, the sociotechnical systems-design theory by De Sitter and its structural parameters are used. After conducting semi-structured interviews, it became clear that the department is flexible when developments can be related to specific parts of the department but is inflexible when action from the whole department is necessary. The analysis of the parameters within the department aviation systems showed a separation between production and control functions and a dysfunctional control system. Moreover, it became apparent that the workload is unevenly distributed, highly educated personnel is not used for the right tasks and formal processes are not workable for all specific parts of the department. This diagnosis, the theory on redesign by De Sitter and a focus group consisting of organizational members and experts in the field of organizational structure were used to develop a redesign. In this redesign a differentiation is made between two type of orders; one that focuses on validation and one that focuses on verification and innovation. The first will have the responsibility over the continuous flow of certifications and modifications while the latter takes care of design projects. This redesign aims to increase the department’s flexibility and enable the organization to cope with the challenges of tomorrow. ‘There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction’ Winston S. Churchill
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