Do you want to share your own goods?

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Sharing platforms must build a two-sided market of supply and demand, one side of regular individuals providing services or goods, and one side of consumers requesting and utilizing the services or goods. The majority of research on sharing platforms has focused on the consumer-side of sharing platforms, leaving a lack of understanding on the provider-side. In addition, most SE literature has concentrated on accommodation- and ridesharing sectors. This distorts our perception of the SE because many platforms, such as goods sharing platforms, fail to reach a critical mass of providers in contrast to the small number of platforms that have great success. Drawing on a meta-analysis that analyzed the most important motivations for consumers to participate in the SE, this research aims to provide a comprehensive overview of providers’ motivations to share their goods with others on a goods sharing platform. Using variance-based structural equation modeling, data from 281 individuals about their perception of the goods sharing platform Peerby, was tested. Findings indicated that individuals’ Intention-to-Use a goods sharing platform was strongly affected by their perception of the enjoyment of providing goods. In addition, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease-of-Use, Social Norms and Familiarity were important contributors to the Intention-to-Use.
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