Brief Summary Thesis The Effect of Cloud Providers’ Firm Size and Firm Age on M&A Activity and Firm Performance

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There has been a considerable amount of ethical scandals in the financial industry in the previous years. These scandals have had negative consequences for organizations and society, thereby showing the necessity of promoting ethical behavior amongst employees. This study focusses on the effects of organizational structure on moral behavior of employees. The purpose of this study was to gain insights into what effect the degree of decentralization and formalization have on the moral awareness of employees. In order to gain these insights a qualitative study, consisting of ten semi-structured interviews and with the help of vignettes, has been conducted. The results of this research suggest that having a high degree of decentralization has a positive effect on the moral awareness of employees as it incentivizes thinking about the consequences accompanied with different courses of action. Furthermore, this study indicates that regulations inhibit thinking about consequences and that guiding principles guide the thought process of employees. The results seem to indicate that guiding principles can promote thinking about consequences accompanied with decisions, thereby increasing moral awareness. Lastly, this study found that the fit between formalization and decentralization contributed to employees correcting each other’s behavior and their willingness to discuss issues.
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