Street-level bureaucracy. A study on discretion in the waste sector

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Waste coaches are street-level bureaucrats who work at the end of the policy chain, implementing policy at street level and by doing so, are in direct contact with the general public. Street-level bureaucrats have a certain degree of discretion to translate policy as written to the policy as performed on the street. The objective of this research is to provide new insights on the the determination process of the degree of discretion and the factors influencing this process, by studying waste coach projects and the factors that influence the motive of managers to determine a certain degree of discretion. To achieve the objective of this research, the following main research question must be answered: How does management determine the degree of discretion, what is the influence of the waste coach on this process and how is the waste coach influenced by the given degree of discretion? From empirical data and the literature, the following factors prove to be the most influential on the process of determining the degree of discretion by the management: • The background of the waste coach • The professionalism of the waste coach • The corporate or managerial culture • The way control instrument influences the actual discretion and experienced discretion
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