The Shifting Discourse on the Dutch Slavery Past

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This thesis delves into the discourses and frames surrounding the debate on the apology for the Dutch slavery past by the Dutch government. It is important to have a clear overview on the discourses and frames surrounding this past to start the process of decolonization of the Dutch slavery past to establish greater harmony within Dutch society and to acknowledge past injustices. This was done through answering the research question: ‘In what way have discourse(s) changed the frame(s) on the Dutch slavery past and an official apology on this past in the Netherlands between 2008 and 2023?’. To formulate an answer to this question qualitative research methods were used, such as a literature study, a (social) media discourse analysis, and a framing analysis. In total 77 online news articles and 768 Facebook comments were collected and analyzed, and a historical overview was formed based on a literature study. The results show that the official apology by the Dutch government made the voices of people who are descendants from enslaved people finally heard. It is a first step towards acknowledging the Dutch slavery past and the data shows a shift in discourses surrounding this debate over the years.
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