Waste collection strategies at the Philippines. Addressing plastic waste leakage in five Plastic Smart Cities at the Philippines by optimizing the waste collection phase of household solid waste management.

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This research has looked at the start of the urban solid waste management cycle; the waste collection. This has been done by answering the main research question: ‘How can the waste collection phase of the life cycle of Municipal Household Solid Waste Management in the five Plastic Smart Cities in the Philippines be understood and improved, given the problem of plastic leakage into nature?’. For this research all five Plastic Smart Cities at the Philippines are taken as case-study sites. The Integrated Solid Waste Management framework by Wilson et al. (2015) has shown to be a very relevant basis for assessing the waste management on city-level. This research concluded that one of the continuous challenges is to find effective waste collection methods, suiting the spatial context of the city. All cities have shown to take steps and consciously deal with waste management, however for none of the cities the waste collection coverage is 100% yet. The cities can possibly learn from each other and adopt strategies originating from other cities. As a result of this research a general model has been established about how system optimization of the waste collection phase can be achieved.
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