It does not matter who you are but it matters where you come from – place identification for migrants in the Netherlands

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Throughout this research it is argued that the process of place identification differs on different aspects between the researched groups. Gaining access to valuable bridging social capital appears to be challenging for both student migrants and highly educated refugees. Whereas the student migrant experience no trouble with bonding social capital, refugees struggle with finding access to any useful social capital. Dutch immigration policy is an important factor that influences categorization for both groups. The incentives of the different policies for the different groups leave their marks on policy practices that both studied groups experience. Due to the base of the policies, these experiences highly differ. Furthermore, it is argued that place attachment consists of multiple factors that operate on micro and macro levels and therefore intertwine. Both groups indicated that they feel part of the place they live in on micro level but not on macro, societal level. This caused by a combination of lack of exposure on the one side and difficulties accessing Dutch society on the other side. Contrary to the divide created in policies, the researched groups show more similarities than differences in the process of place identification
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