Opt-in and opt-out policies for data exchange in the healthcare sector: citizen preferences

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This research investigates preferences and attitudes towards an opt-out system regarding data exchange in the health sector in comparison with an opt-in system. If a doctor needs to share data with other doctors, patients in the Netherlands have to give explicit consent (opt-in). This thesis inquired the preferences towards an opt-out system in which consent is given by default. In an experiment, I varied characteristics of the permission procedure to examine its effect on 1) willingness to exchange data in the medical sector, 2) willingness to have an opt-out system instead of an opt-in system and 3) the perceived autonomy of the decision process. I randomized participants to one of five scenarios in a between-subject design to test the hypotheses that the default channels endorsement, ease and endowment have a positive effect on the perceived benefits of the standard option. Support for a general opt-out policy increased if participants were in the neutral opt-out condition. The study finds that the opt-out condition low costs has a significant positive effect on perceived feeling of being deceived in comparison with the opt-out neutral condition.
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