Fashion Designers: Building a Fashion Business

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he main question of the study is “How designers with limited resources can build a successful fashion business by balancing creative vision, capitals, and marketing capabilities?” The research question is developed by combining three fundamental theories namely, Bourdieu (1993)’s field of cultural production theory, Bourdieu (1986)’s capital theory, and Weerawardena (2003)’s marketing capability theory. Creative Vision, Capitals, Strong Brand, and Marketing Strategy are selected as variables that are deemed to be the key contributors to the success of fashion designer-entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. Nine semi structured interview were conducted as it is assumed to be the most effective way to gain insight of participants’ personal experiences and ideas. The participants of the research were all fashion designers who run a fashion enterprise from small to medium scale business. The participants were coming from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Netherlands. The objective was to create a variation in the sample in terms of demographic, business stage, and business scale. Thematic analysis is selected as it is assumed to be the most suitable approach. Braun and Clark (2006) argued that thematic analysis is a method which allows researchers to identify, analyze, and interpret patterns of meaning or themes within qualitative data.
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