Limitations for Civil Society Actors in Bosnia- Herzegovina: The road to social cohesion and sustainable peace, twenty-years after Dayton

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20 years after the Dayton peace agreement ended the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), one can still not speak of a sustainable peace in BiH. This is partly due to low levels of social cohesion. There are several local civil society actors actively working towards the creation of more social cohesion and a sustainable peace. This research will focus on the limitations that those local civil society actors face during their work and how a holistic theoretical framework could possibly give more insight in the complex relations between those limitations. Qualitative research methods were used in order to learn more about the limitations that are experienced by the civil society actors. The gathered information led to the construction of a list of seven limitations: the political system, donor structures, corruption, competition, the educational system, public spheres, and the perceptions that the Bosnian citizens have of civil society. These abovenamed limitations are all connected and interdependent. An holistic framework was then used to analyze the seven limitations in relation to one another
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