Safeguarding sustainability in tenders and procurements

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Dutch municipalities face an enormous and urgent task regarding the integration of sustainability into their area developments. Historically, Dutch municipalities actively participate on land markets through buying, servicing and eventually selling the land. This active land policy takes places within the domain of the private law, via tender and procurement procedures. The main research question focusses on: “How can Dutch municipalities robustly secure their principled sustainability ambitions, within the tendering and procurement process of an area development, whilst focusing on how these ambitions are implemented and safeguarded towards contract close?”. The main theories that are used include the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD), Green Public Procurement (GPP) and a focus on ex-ante evaluation methods. Via expert-interviews a framework is constructed to perform a document analysis on tender and procurement document, ranging from 2017 up until today and includes 35 documents. Based on these results, the current state of affairs regarding robustly safeguarding sustainability is mediocre at its best. Hence, Dutch municipalities still have a long way to go. To guide this process, this research proposed eight propositions that can be used as vehicle and implement in a planning support system (PSS).
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