Employees'perceptions of career development practices

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This research was conducted to investigate which concepts strongly influence the employees’ perceptions, thus the awareness of and the knowledge about career development practices. By focusing on these concepts, the perceived and intended career development practices can be more aligned. This research was done by investigating the effect of the strength of the HR system, the support of the supervisor regarding feedback and goal setting and career promotion and whether employees perceived career development practices as job demands, job resources, employee enhancing or control-focused attributions. The data was gathered by the use of a survey. 304 respondents participated in this research. The results of this research show that the employees were quite aware of the career development practices provided by the organization, but they did not have a lot of knowledge about these practices. The employees’ perceptions regarding career development practices were most strongly influenced by whether these practices were perceived as distinct. Whereas distinctiveness significantly influences employees’ awareness of and knowledge about career development practices in a positive way, does consensus show a negative effect on employees’ knowledge about these practices. Distinctiveness and consensus are thus shown to be the concepts influencing the employees’ perceptions regarding career development practices. In future research, it can be discovered whether these concepts also hold for employees’ perceptions regarding career development or other HR practices in other organizations. It can also be interesting to test whether these concepts differ in various groups of the organization, for example age related or per department.
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