Life Cycle Analysis: Just a tool or much more?

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This research studies the impact of Life Cycle Analysis, customer green demand and generic competitive sustainability strategies on the intention to obtain sustainable practices in manufacturing firms. Manufacturing firms are struggling to obtain the right sustainability practices. Due to the contradiction between economic prosperity, the demand to go green and different strategies, manufacturing companies need a tool to guide them a way towards sustainable practices. This study provides insights in the aspects of LCA which can help to determine which sustainable practice to obtain. A relevant outcome generated by this study is that LCA has a great effect on the intention towards sustainable practices, customer green demand and generic competitive sustainability strategies in manufacturing firms. This study also supports that there is a relationship between these different phenomena. Relevant findings that play a role in these relationships consider the communication between stakeholders, the capacity of managers to look further than economic negative impact and the formation of an internal sustainability basis. Key Terms: Life Cycle Analysis, Customer Green Demand, Generic Competitive Sustainable Strategy, Sustainability, Sustainable Practices
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