Consumer-Brand Relationship Mapping Testing the validity of a new consumer-brand relationship measurement in a low-involvement product category

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In recent decades, research has been done on making consumer-brand relationships measurable, however it has been proven difficult to develop a measurement that measures both the relationship between the consumer, and the brand and between different brands in the same product category. To fill in this gap in the literature, a new technique was developed to measure consumer-brand relationships, named Consumer Brand Relationship Mapping (CBRM). This measure can be used to measure the relationship that consumers have with a specific brand in a specific product category. In order, to test whether this measurement method remains valid when it is digitalized and used in a low-involvement category, 2 independent studies were conducted for this research. By means of these studies, the validity of the method was examined and the evaluation in comparison with a Likert-scale, when using the construct brand attachment. The results indicates that the e-CBRM achieves higher results in terms of enjoyment and reflectiveness. In addition, the results show that there is a small positive correlation between the brand attachment levels of the CBRM and the loyalty indicators. Based on this research, it can be assumed that the e-CBRM method remains valid when applied in a low-involvement product category.
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