De toekomst van het verleden. Een onderzoek naar de manier waarop het culturele geheugen gestalte krijgt in de herdenking van Operatie Market Garden en de bevrijding van Nijmegen in de jaren 1994, 2004 en 2014.

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This thesis researches the way Operation Market Garden and the liberation of Nijmegen has been remembered in the past two decades. In September 2014 it was the seventieth birthday of this commemoration. Even though there were only a few veterans and eye-witnesses left, this commemoration was more popular than ever. This been said, twenty years earlier – when the fiftieth celebration took place – the general idea was that the interest for this piece of Second World War history would decrease at a fast pace. However the opposite appeared to be true. Provoked by this discrepancy, I wondered how this commemoration was organized in the past twenty years. My research focused on three periods, namely the year 1994, 2004 en 2014. In those three years I have performed a qualitative analysis to gather research material which I explained from theory. For the theoretical basis I have used the approach that was given to the noti! on ‘cul tural memory’ by Jan en Aleida Assmann.
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