Notions of belonging of Bangladeshi people residing in the Netherlands

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Bangladesh is a country which has a long history of migration. Compare to other European countries, Netherlands has a very few number of migrants. This could be because of the strict Dutch integration policy. But surprisingly, the numbers of Bangladeshi migrants are increasing now in the Netherlands. The main focus of this study is to know about the concept of belonging and how this is relevant for the Bangladeshi people who are residing in the Netherlands and also to see how the social network is helping to perceive their sense of belonging. To get an effective insight the research is done in mixed-method. The belonging part will be analysed by the qualitative method and the network part will be analysed by the quantitative method. To understand the focus of the study, I divided the migrants in five categories. They are the first generation, second generation, professional people, international student and the family people. Most of the Bangladeshi people are connected to Bangladesh or with the Bangladeshi people who are staying in the Netherlands. They have also connection with Bangladeshi people from the different parts of the world. Their networks mainly work in the Netherlands and Bangladesh.
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