The impact of vegan motives on intentional behaviour. What motivates the vegan consumers' behavioural intentions?

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Veganism is becoming more and more popular, but what is known specifically about vegan advertising? The aim of this study was to study if different type of claims had an influence on the intentional behaviours of vegan consumers. Furthermore, the influence and importance of motives for a vegan lifestyle on the relationship between both type of claims on the intentional behaviour of vegan consumers was examined. This quantitative study focused on the manipulation of an environmental and animal claim to see the influence of these type of claims on the intentional behaviour of vegan consumers. A 2x2 between subjects experiment was designed to get a better understanding of these subjects. This study examined 260 vegan consumers and it contributed to the use of specific claims on a vegan product to influence intentional behaviour.
Overall, the animal claim and the environmental claim only positively influence intentional behaviour directly. In contrary, there were no significant results for the moderating effect of the three different types of motives for a vegan lifestyle. The implications of this study for marketing managers focus on which type of intentional consumer behaviour they want to influence. The marketing managers can select the best type of claim based on the behavioural intentions they want to influence of vegan consumers. The findings of this study improve the knowledge about vegan advertising. Key words: veganism; motives; animal claim; environmental claim; animal welfare; CO2 emissions; purchase intention; word of mouth; willingness to pay more; vegan
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