Speaking of justice: Trusting a judge in an online courtroom A replication of the study of Grootelaar & Van den Bos (2018) and exploration of differences between the real-life and online courtroom.

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In this research the following research question is answered: ‘To what extent are the results of the study of Grootelaar & Van den Bos (2018) reproducible in an online context and are there any differences between the real-life (offline) courtroom and the online courtroom regarding the influence of perceived procedural justice on trust in a judge?’ A survey was distributed among all lawyers in the Netherlands. Lawyers were asked to fill in the survey about their average client. Two different datasets were formed out of the data that was gathered, one for the online setting and one for the offline setting. Multiple regression analyses were conducted to see whether there are moderators influencing the main effect of perceived procedural justice on trust in a judge. The tests showed that perceived procedural justice is lower on average in an online setting compared to the offline setting. Not all the expected moderators had a significant effect on the main effect. The results of the tests indicated a moderative effect of ‘outcome favourability’ and ‘outcome importance’ but not for ‘emotional response to uncertainty’ and ‘prior court experience’.
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