Better understanding of city regional governance. The Cardiff City Region Case.

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The city regional dimension is considered ‘ideal’ for the agendas of sustainable development, economic competitiveness and political functions. However, city-regionalism brings with it challenges. The governmental problem is one of the central. Such structures are usually serve as so-called ‘soft-spaces’. The tensions between the actors has become an issue in the case of the Cardiff City Region. This research applied a discourse analysis to investigate how different coalitions perceive the development of the Cardiff City Region to understand the governmental issues in the city regions better. The precise aims are to determine what makes successful city regional governance, what are the main obstacles, the core agenda, and marginalised agendas. The process of negotiations focused on the City Deal is hidden from the public, and the involvement of new actors is very selective. Presumably, the existing government structure will be used for the whole governance the Cardiff City Region in the future. Among the obstacles is a lack of trust between the partners, difficulty in thinking beyond the local interest, and the ‘narrow game’ of the key players. Importantly, there is no universal approach, however, it is important to make the process transparent for the potential stakeholders.
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