Organizational change for Corporate Sustainability

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Corporate sustainability (CS) might sound to some managers as something that pertains just large firms and larger firms have gotten a lot more attention in research. However, CS concerns firms of any size and SMEs have gotten more attention but are still lagging, although SMEs consist of 90% of the firms worldwide. Thus, SMEs have high potential for value addition and organizational change for sustainability. Drivers and Barriers for organizational change for sustainability are at the base of this research and finding those are the key to better organizational change and in turn sustainable performance. The methods utilized for this research are qualitative by nature and ten companies are interviewed which at least strive for a higher level of CS. This study established that there are more drivers than barriers to be found within these sustainably striving companies, with a more internal view. The results also showed that although SMEs have a lot of other priorities, they have a great opportunity to integrate CS with a lower degree of resistance. A threat to the integration is, bottom-up integration of CS, because this will cause a CS to be an add-on and lead more toward philanthropy. Top management involvement is essential as well because, the CS managers often are too isolated to integrate CS truly. What could help overcome resistance though is keeping the organization structure flatter when growing, to aid communication. Looking at the research through an organizational change lens, it is clear there are no real stages for CS integration. This study will enable policy makers and managers to better understand the drivers and barriers for organizational change for CS.
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