The Changing Perceptions of Gay Identities: Queer Representations in Call Me by Your Name and The Song of Achilles

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Queer literature has a long history of development throughout the past centuries and nowadays presents a recurring theme in novels that are internationally published, such as Call Me by Your Name (2007) by André Aciman and The Song of Achilles (2011) by Madeline Miller. These two narratives in particular provide valuable insights into the representation of gay identities in modern-day literature and allow for an insightful examination of their depiction of homosexual desire and the role of family in connection to these identities. This thesis will therefore carefully analyse the position of sexual and familial ties in the two narratives, in order to grasp the portrayal of the characters, their actions, and their words. Several scenes that shed a light on these specific themes will be highlighted, to determine in what way these novels represent gay individuals and the expression of their identity. By implementing notions like the disruption of norms and queer ecologies, this thesis will hopefully lead to a better understanding of modern queer representation and its possible implications.
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